Use the animator to create your own cool animations. Pick from our prefined styles below, or click on the animator icon on any logo page.

Animator tips and tricks

Want to have more control over your animations? The section below gives you the best tips.

1. Add and delete frames

An animation is built up of static images, called frames.

To create an animation, you need more than one frame.

Add frames

Click 'add frame' to add more static images.

Deleta a frame

Click the little 'x' to remove a frame.

2. Make changes in frames

Select frames by clicking on them.

The changes you make are made for the selected frame.

Select a frame

Select a frame by clicking on it.

Make changes to a frame

Logo text for Frame 2 will now be "Diamonds".

3. Advanced tips

Here are some ways to speed up your animation making.

Copy changes to all frames

To copy a change to all frames, click this icon.

Frame preview slider

To preview the animation, drag the top slider back and forth.

Time to make your animation

Use the latest animation style